November 30, 2009

Sexy Former Girlfriend Swallows Load On Video

Posted at 8:51 pm

Sexy Former Girlfriend Swallows Load On Video

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There's nothing like a young amateur sweetie who gets off on blowing dudes. Check out this fabulous little blonde cutie slurping one up on home made video. This little sweetie is someone's former GF and she must have really pissed that man off for him to have sent us this tape. But that's what we're here for. We keep track of all your freshest former GF revenge tapes for you. If you've got a couple for us or if you want to see all the freaky former girlfriends we've got, come see Revenge TV!


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Sometimes when Im on CamSpot looking at camgirls the booty just catches my eye. Sometimes its breasts, stomachs, legs or thighs, but most of the time I seem to get caught looking at booty. Well today it was definitely the booty of Anabelle that caught my attention and what her profile had to say. She seemed like a real freak that I could have some fun with and not have to hold back or worry if she wasnt into it.

I'll let you read her profile for yourself, and just tell you that I didnt make a mistake by visiting her live videochat. She had the booty all sticking out in a small little thong bikini or panty. I was just staring at it for a minute before I typed anything and she quickly said hello to me. Well for whatever reason I didnt know what to say, I just clicked the button and went into her private room and told her to show me that ass. She bent over in a hurry and started playing with her thong, and well the rest is history and a hot memory for me, so go make some of your own!

November 26, 2009

She’s hot.. She’s wild.. She’s Ronni Tuscadero

Posted at 8:24 am

I've been working with all the girls for a long time now, and I've gotten to know them really well. So don't expect a shy timid girl in these shoots. I'm really comfortable with them all, and make it a point to play, tease, and taste them at least a few times a month ;) Not only that, but the girls have already showed me how to work the message board, my journal, and how to keep in touch with my fans. I want to get to know every single one of you, so stop in and say hi!! :) I've also got some great behind the scenes sex stories I could share about the girls.. but you'll have to be really good! ;) Come tell me what you want to hear! I've got no problem spilling the juicy details!

My latest gallery - Ronni Gets Naked by the Pool! (15 pics)

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November 24, 2009

Brunette in sexy lingerie

Posted at 10:47 pm

This horny house wife enjoys putting on a live sex show for the guys and gals that visit her live webcam hosted through She likes dressing up in sexy lingerie and stripping to jazz music - then she likes to play with her toys

Gallery: Brunette in sexy lingerie
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My Wife is crazy!

Posted at 6:53 pm

My wife has been very adventurous lately. We have been sharing a lot ofour inner fantasies and desires. I would like to share my opinion with a recollection of our latest adventure. We had a pretty wild weekend. One of my best buddies was over, and wewere hitting the booze pretty hard. My wife looked at her watch, and determined that she was ready for bed. I have to say, the look she sent my way did not indicate for sleep. I told her I'd be in in a few minutes. I was right, for when I got into the room; she was in bed fondling herbreasts, waiting anxiously for me. I climbed in and kissed her lightly. She answered with a passion I had rarely seen in her before. She wanted me badly, and was clear in her intentions when she grabbed me by my hair and pulled my mouth to her nipple. I'm not one to disobey, especially when she was this insistent. I bit lightly, and sucked them up away from her body and they responded in my mouth. Her soft moaning was telling me exactly what her nipples indicated in their hardness. I made my way down her body to her eager pussy. She parted herself forme, and I took her wet clit into my mouth. I sucked it until it started to get hard, and then licked it eagerly as my wife's moans began to get louder. She bucked and writhed smashing her mound into my face. She was going crazy. I rammed my tongue into her pussy as if fucking her. I thought she was going to lose her mind, she was in such ecstasy. I hope all this noise didn't bother my friend. I came up to her mouth, and she kissed me eagerly, licking off all ofher own juices. She seemed to like the way she tasted, as do I, and she isn't shy about putting her mouth where she can get her own taste. I rolled onto my back, and she mounted me, my hard cock slipping into her sopping cunt. She let out a small noise, and closed her eyes as if saving this moment of entry. I fucked her, and took her breast into my mouth, keeping her busy facing towards me. It was then that she jumped in surprise. Someone's hands were on her ass, and then each one took a breast. My friend had followed my instructions perfectly. He was behind her, hisrigid member pointing directly towards her. She looked surprised, but then happy knowing that this was about to turn into one wild night. She bent down to kiss me and her ass was high up in the air, due to our position. I reached around and slid one finger into her asshole, and that was all my friend needed to know. We lubed her up good, and he spit on her hole, just for the nastiness of it. She looked at me, a little apprehensive; her fantasy of double penetration was seconds away. I calmed her with a I slid my cock into her eager cunt. He slowly circled the tip of his cock around her ass hole, gently pushing it into the opening, then taking it out. I could feel her being tugged from the inside. He worked it until she relaxed enough, and then entered her entirely. I could feel his dick on the other side of her thin membrane. She was crying out with pleasure, she was loving it. I have to say I was pretty turned on by the whole thing. We rammed her in rhythm, and she rocked back, answering each thrust withher body. It got more intense, and I tried to take one of her bouncing tits into my mouth, but I had trouble keeping it there because of the wild ass fucking she was getting. I suddenly remembered a term that my wife had mentioned to me from abook, called "air-tight". It meant that each orifice was plugged with something, or someone. I told my friend to hold on a minute, and he pulled out of my wife's juicy ass and looked down to see it still wide open in the size of his cock. It was begging for more penetration, and so was my sweet bride. I reached for her glass dildo, my wife's favorite toy, and sat up, pushing the glass tip into her cunt. My friend took it from me, and held it in, and then entered her. I pushed her head down onto my cock, and she sucked eagerly at it, now being fully penetrated in every hole. "Air-tight", all right. My buddy said, " Oh God, this feels incredible", his dick was rubbing onthe ridges of the glass rod. I decided I

November 19, 2009

fun with a friend filmed by hubby

Posted at 4:58 pm

fun with a friend filmed by hubby
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This is my beautiful wife fucking with my best friend in a hotel. His cock is large and makes her moan, she enjoys him stimulating her G-point. We sometimes meet him for threesome fun.

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November 18, 2009

Teen pussy stroked on cam

Posted at 10:47 pm

Teen pussy stroked on cam
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Beautiful teenager gets her tiny smooth cunt stroked in front of camera. She smiles very sweetly and gasps as man's hands touch her inexperienced horny hole.

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November 15, 2009

Adult Swim

Posted at 12:09 am

MilfHunter presents Mariah in episode: "Adult Swim"
We saw this sexy milf down at the convienence store when we were gettin ice for the pool party this week, and we knew that we had to invite her! She was down from the second she saw me, and was ready to roll instantly. She flew to her house, and grabbed a bikini, and shot over tot the house, and we started to get down!!! She was lovin the sexy babes at the party, but was allways starin at me and my ass! I took it straight to her mouf as soon as i snuck her away!

Mariah in Adult Swim Mariah in Adult Swim Mariah in Adult Swim

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Blonde strips and gets naughty with her perfect pink pussy

November 12, 2009

Amateur, Gonzo Movie Download - Clusterfuck 4

Posted at 2:42 am

Fresh new anal teen cuties Stacy Silver, Sarah Twain and Nikki Sun are starved for cock and are about to get more than they ever dreamed of! From mouth stretching, throat stuffing to ultra-gape ass slamming, these naughty little ass whores get stuffed, screwed and DP'd by our army of huge cocks and squeal for more. Every hole these super sluts have will be pounded, stuffed and stretched by an arsenal of giant hard ons, leaving them plastered in gallons of hot sticky cum. It's the biggest, raunchiest filthy sex-fest ever seen, and it's only from those sick twisted perverts at Mayhem!

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Studio: Anarchy Films
Stars: Angela, Desert Rose, Dez, Harley, Shanel, Sunrise Adams, Tristan Segal
Niches: Amateur, Gonzo
Total Runtime: 01:26:08 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Cute teen topanga in hot pink shirt

November 11, 2009

Anal, Gonzo Movie Download - Get Your Shit Off My Black Dick!

Posted at 12:10 pm

Feast your eyes on all anal action, featuring nothing butt all black on white! Don't miss six scenes with over two hours full of hot hardcore anal action.

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Studio: Lex Drill
Stars: Angela Winter, Ariana, Ben English, Brooke Haven, Bruno Sx, David Perry, Dora Venter, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Johnny Montana, Liliana Ferri, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Holmes, Tanya Woods
Niches: Anal, Gonzo
Total Runtime: 01:46:28 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

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