December 29, 2008

Check out this hottie - Jolie69

Posted at 4:49 am

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I'm 21 years old with bigbrown eyes and hotblonde hair. I am multi-racial with a nice slender body shape. My fave food to eat is pizza and I love to listen to R&B music. I also enjoy travelling. My sign is Taurus and I speak English and Italian.

The sex toy I can't live without would be my anal beads and dildos and I love sexy man with open mind. Rude people turns me off and doggie style is my all time favorite sex position.

I've been hanging out a lot at recently coz its soooo much fun and very addictive. I look forward to chatting with all the horny guys there every day. I love being watched. I spend way too much time in front of my cam.. but hey, who cares, its hell wicked fun.

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December 27, 2008

Party At Red’s

Posted at 7:44 am

Another crazy party goes hardcore before our eyes! We had to share this with anyone who'd watch and now that you're here you gotta check it all out! The sluts at this party were hooking up and doing whatever. After things had gotten out of control, I saw this guy waving his cock at this chick through a chair. I htought he was gonna get slapped but the bitch just started sucking his cock instead! Unbelievable! Check it all out!

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Penthouse pet Brooke Bailey with green top posing in bed

December 25, 2008

Cam Contacts Babe Bigeyes4u

Posted at 5:42 pm

This is Bigeyes4u, a stunning 19 year old straight babe. She has a slim build that'll make you drool.. and brunette hair with green eyes. Stuff that turns her on includes sexy talk but she is turned off by rude people. If you were to meet her online and have webcam chat she would give you hot show! She loves to meet sexy guys and girls over at Cam-Contacts because she wants i like cyber.

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A Pink Wet Dream

Posted at 3:26 am

TeamSquirt presents Sierra in episode: "A Pink Wet Dream"
This little dream is slim and trim. She can take a licking and keep on fucking. Her patite body can deliver a serious explosion of cum. Sierra should not be named after a desert becuase she left this room a soaked.

Sierra in A Pink Wet Dream Sierra in A Pink Wet Dream Sierra in A Pink Wet Dream

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December 24, 2008

Evolution Erotica: Ass Eaters Unanimous 4

Posted at 6:10 am

Evolution Erotica: Ass Eaters Unanimous 4 Ass Eaters Unanimous 4 Evolution has reinvented the gangbang with a style all their own. Watch as these two girls embark on a journey of deciet that leads them into a violent, pounding gangbang where they get their mouths, pussies and assholes reamed. Its no holes barred screwfest, with a twist that will shock you!
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Scene 3 from Sum Yum Ho 2

Posted at 2:16 am

Starring: Sabrine Maui
Eighteen year old Sabrine Maui lives in the States these days and desperately wants to fit in with all of her American friends. More importantly, many men desperately want to fit inside her tight teen twat! She trades her ass for popularity in this scene!

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Sum Yum Ho 2This scene is from the DVD Sum Yum Ho 2
Katsumi is back with more Asian hotties in this Pandemonium premier sex film! Sum Yum Ho is gonna fuck you long time and all she wants is sum creamy cumshot sprayed on her flat expressionless face when you are done with her!

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December 23, 2008

Roomies - Full Circle

Posted at 7:54 am

"Oh gosh that feels good," Pam Maguire Norton settled onto the sofa thatrested against one wall of the living room of the retirement suite. Bracing her cane between her legs, she folded her hands on the top and rested her chin. "Pooped?" inquired Kim McCall Keagan of her once and now again roommatefrom her easy chair. Keeping one eye cocked on the holovision she peered near-sightedly over at the other elderly woman. "What happened? You try to race someone back from lunch?" "No and what happened to you? You didn't even go." "I wasn't hungry." "Hungry has nothing to do with it Kim. You have to eat." "I'm dieting," said the once upon a time cheerleader with a completelystraight face." The other woman snorted. "As IF. You have never had to diet in your lifeand I have been jealous of you forever. Of course I can console myself because you're an old lady." "Old lady? As I recall, and I know I'm right about THIS, you're sixmonths older than me. You were 92 when I was still only 91!" The two women locked gazes for a moment before they both startedlaughing. "Seriously Kim darling, you need to eat if only because most of themedications we have need to be taken with food." Kim groaned. Picking up her light control pen she aimed the beam throughthe open door of their bathroom. In response the medicine cabinet opened and shelves automatically swung out. "Medications? We have an entire drug store in there. The campus potdealers didn't have that much all together in the old days." The pair laughed. "What did we get in the way of mail?" Pam inquired as she spotted thepile of computer printouts on their table "A letter from your grandson in Europe. One from my granddaughter on thecoast. A bunch of junk stuff. A pair of begging letters from the alumni association. One for you and one for me," replied Kim. "I'd be more inclined to give if they hadn't torn down our old dormyears ago," grumbled Pam. "Well it was getting awfully old and rickety. Remember when we visitedthere for our 50th class reunion get-together? It was barely standing then." "I suppose. Still," Pam's voice was wistful now. I wish somehow theycould have saved our old room. I know," she laughed. "Couldn't be done but it would have been wonderful to have it transported somewhere where we could have shared it again." "I know." Kim pulled herself up with the help of her walker. Carefullyshe found her way to Pam's side and sat beside her. The other woman noticed her friend had a large brown envelope in one hand. "What's that?" "I don't know," admitted Kim. "I thought it came by regular mail butthere's no return address or stamps on it. And who uses regular mail anymore? It's all electronic or courier service. It just says 'Pam Maguire and Kim McCall'."... Read the rest of Roomies - Full Circle

Author: patricia51

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December 18, 2008

She’s hot.. She’s wild.. She’s Stacy Bride

Posted at 12:42 am

Hey there! My name's Stacy Bride and I'm 18 years old. I was always really shy and reserved in high school, and this is my way of rebelling! My boyfriends always said I had a great body and should show it off.. So here it is. Take a nice, long look and me and my friends.. and I'll see you inside! ;) Everyone always tells me I'm a sweet girl with a pretty face. Well now it's time to show the rest of the package. I'm all grown up and I want everyone to see what I've got! I've never done anything like this before, so I'm still a little nervous. But I've decided to jump right in and start my own website! I'm going to need a lot of feedback on what you guys like and what you want to see more of. I love requests so come on inside and make one!!

My latest gallery - Stacy Bride's Boobie Flash! (15 pics)

Check out my homepage for my latest photos.. Let me know what you think of my nude shots!
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December 14, 2008

Some of my most private shots

Posted at 6:42 am

Amateur home movie submitted by mikeinmiami at Private Home Clips

Some of my most private shots

You are the only ones that know about these shots. The girl in the movie has no idea that I took them. She's actually my neighbor that moved in not long ago. I usually snag great voyeur pictures and movies of my neighbors. I never thought I would get some clips of me screwing one almost right after they moved in. Hope you enjoy some movies from my private collection.
Size: 3 Mb
Length: 02 min 18 sec


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December 12, 2008

Squirting Movie Download - White Wife Black Cock 7

Posted at 2:58 pm

Attention white husbands! Words can't describe the devious mischiefs and silly mishaps these desperate houswives get themselves into. From a mother stealing her daughters boyfriend, lying, tricking, a magical genie and even murder! Has curiosity gotten the best of them? White husbands beware! Consider this a warning!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). < ![endif]-->

Studio: Wild Life
Stars: Amber Rain, Angela Stone, Annie Cruz, Crissy Cums, Heather Pink
Niches: Squirting
Total Runtime: 02:17:36 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

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