October 31, 2008

Assploitations 6

Posted at 3:43 pm

Assploitations 6
DVD - Assploitations 6
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Nothing gets me wet more than a giant hard cock being pounded up my quivering asshole. Get ready for another episode of Assploitations, where you'll witness the most sick and twisted anal violations imaginable. While I'm directing these ass wrecking scenes, I jump right in and show my dirty little anal whores how to suck and screw, swallow buckets of cum and stuff huge throbbing cocks deep up our asses, pussies and mouths until we're all completely soaked in load of hot sticky cum, and our little rosy red buttholes are hammered and stretched into giant gapes that are as wide open as the Grand Canyon!

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Posted at 8:28 am

Big Awesome Tits
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October 30, 2008

Red Light District: Cum Drippers 2

Posted at 6:03 pm

Red Light District: Cum Drippers 2 Cum Drippers 2 Finally, volume 2 has arrived, hotter & nastier than before! 6 cum-drenched pussies & a few anal creampies, not to mention 3 2-in-1's, 2 black dicks in 1 white chick, anal, DP & lots of cream filling!!!
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THE NERD part 5

Posted at 10:46 am

The stroke I had was mild; however it was severe enough that I had togive up my job at HI-Tech Computers. I was no longer able to do the complex calculations my job required, so I was released with a medical disability pension of 60% of my pay. We were not in financial straights. The house and both cars were paidfor. I also planned on getting another job that was not so demanding, perhaps something part time. Kathy loved to go shopping for clothes and jewelry and have lunch andcocktails with her friends at her club. I thought now would be a good time for her to cut back a little so I suggested that. "If you can't afford me I'll get a job," she said in a huff. I did not want her working either. What I really wanted was a stay athome wife that would want to start a family. I was not too worried though because chances of her getting a job were slim. She had taken the easiest course in college, Liberal Arts, which did not qualify her for much. Much to my surprise, 2 days later she told me she had a job. "Take meout to dinner to celebrate and I'll tell you all about it." The dinner part I didn't mind. I did most of the cooking anyway so it was more of a treat for me. Over dinner she told me she got a job in marketing with Universal Cell Phones. "What do you know about cell phones? For that matter, what do you knowabout marketing? "My new boss Frank will teach me all I need to know; I am like hisassistant." Kathy liked to sleep in so after being late a few times she wouldprobably get fired anyway. Surprisingly she kept her job. The reason was she had flex hours where she could start late in the morning although this also made her late getting home. She liked her new job so I was happy for her. Next she started making changes at home. Since I was unable to find workshe had me doing all the housework. I did all the washing and ironing and had to do her lingerie by hand. I was already doing all the cooking and cleanup. She also had me running errands, saying things like, "be a good boy and pick up my dry cleaning," or, "call my hairdresser and make an appointment Saturday morning for me." She had always been a bit domineering with me but since I lost my job she became worse. One Friday night it was about 8:30 before she got in. "I have been on myfeet all day at a trade show so please make me a martini then massage my feet while I relax and unwind." At least she said please. After that night it became a nightly ritual. Another change I noticed was she no longer wanted to be sucked off as much as before even though she seldom had sex with me. On a few occasions she would go out with her boss for a few drinks afterwork to discuss marketing ideas before coming home. She never used to talk about her boss but lately she often mentioned how smart or witty he was. One evening she came in with a bag in her hand. "Billie, I have apresent for you, an apron. Now before you start complaining just try it on." So to amuse her I put it on. "I love it. You look so cute. I want you to wear it all the time when you prepare my dinner and especially this Wednesday." "What's so special about this Wednesday?" "My boss and I have to go to a 3 day convention in Las Vegas. The flightleaves at seven in the morning. Since we live so close to the airport and Frank lives on the other side of town, he is going to stay here overnight. I want you to prepare a real good dinner for us." Monday she asked me to buy Contessa red wine, Frank's favorite, for... Read the rest of THE NERD part 5

Author: Omega

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Wild Life: The Hi-Teen Club 2

Posted at 6:52 am

Wild Life: The Hi-Teen Club 2 The Hi-Teen Club 2 Young innocent teens who love takin' it deep in their fuckholes! To join the club the will be put through their paces..Only the elite will be admitted
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October 29, 2008

Download the movie of the day: Bangin’ In

Posted at 10:13 am

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Blonde teen showing tits and pussy

October 28, 2008

Gonzo Movie Download - Decadent Divas 27

Posted at 8:01 am

Another tremendous girl/girl extravaganza featuring some of today's hottest covergirls and models all vying for a spot in the International Fetish Corp's lineup of worldwide beauties. Each girl is prettier and hotter than the next and dressed in thigh-high boots, leather corsets and wild, kinky outfits!!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). < ![endif]-->

Studio: Smash Pictures
Stars: Bree Olson, Haley Paige, Jenny Hendrix, Kelsey Michaels, Kristen Price
Niches: Gonzo
Total Runtime: 01:37:13 (Download full movie)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

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Hot blonde teen

Posted at 12:40 am

This super hot blonde teen becomes a little slut as soon as the webcam chat starts - she likes to get naked and get out her extra large sex toys - she will experiment for you ;)

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October 24, 2008

Have you ever dreamed about sex on the billiard-table?

Posted at 2:44 pm

I found this awesome clip at Home Hidden Cams - A fucking HUGE archive of movies submitted by users.

Home Hidden Cams
Have you ever dreamed about sex on the billiard-table? If yes, you should watch this video. Two cueists play a very interesting kind of billiard. With naked bodies and warm, wet holes. The cue isn't standard too

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